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About me

Who am I and what do I do?

Let's start in the here and now. I have been living in Mallorca for almost 5 years. I am grateful for that and greet each day with a smile.

The way here wasn't always easy either, but it made me what I am today.

The path began back then with my anorexia. At 1.70 m, I weighed only 36 kg and was about to be force-fed. With the help of my family and friends I made it without going to the clinic but due to the IV fluids I was given I skyrocketed to over 90kg. That was my weight for a long time. Not a gram wanted to say goodbye and my body had gone along with this state of emergency once and installed a barrier.

I didn't want to put up with it and started doing a lot of sport and paying attention to my diet. As a result, I also did various training courses. The personal trainer Schein starts things off and then continues with the topic of nutritional advice, TCM, supplementation and much more. 

I always did all of this alongside my job. After an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, I stayed in the office and also gained a lot of experience in the real estate sector, as my mother had been working successfully in it for decades and I was often with her. 

Various areas have accompanied me over the many years and I have been able to build up a wide range of knowledge.

Today I help people to find their way back to their health and that includes not only what we take in daily in the form of food, water and supplements but also financial health and happiness. 

I found the location-independent work in particular very interesting for me. Take out my laptop and get started, no matter whether I'm sitting by the pool and whether in Mallorca, North Cyprus or wherever. That's why I've also included the area of real estate and hope for many who dare to take the step :-)

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