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The Celltuner is based on the basic theory of Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky

The Celltuner / TESLA wave oscillator from Russia has a hand-held probe, which is also called "antenna". This handheld probe is used to inform, structure and energize the water. The energized water is then fed into our body. The body is activated by the energy fields. The self-healing powers are addressed. All this without side effects!

  • Healthy, hexagonal water is the basis of health and well-being

  • Similar to our earth's surface, our body consists of over 70% water

  • For this reason, some users came up with the idea of using the device directly on the body

  • Many users report amazing improvements in vitality, health and well-being.


This device is not, as is often assumed, a replica of the Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator, but a technical advancement!

Would you like more information or a free consultation? Then contact me.

Wasservitalisierer /Energietankstelle: Leistungen
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