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Work from anywhere

This has always been my dream. Work from where I want. When you're on the go, you just have your laptop with you, open it up and get started. It doesn't get any better than that.

The distribution/network is - unlike in the USA - very notorious. Most of them immediately answer that it's definitely a pyramid scheme, etc., but exactly the opposite is the case. My opinion is that in sales/network you have opportunities that are rarely or not at all available in a normal job and you are paid based on performance. If you do something and work hard, you can become successful. You earn thousands of statements with one hour of work a day - I don't think it's right and that's more likely if you've been there for a long time and have built up a team. After all, not everyone is made to lead a team and prefers to have direct customers. That's exactly why I chose different companies that let me choose freely with whom I work together and don't put any pressure on me. It is possible to earn money with customers but also with team building and for me that is the best combination ever.

So just take a look and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Suchst Du nach einer Möglichkeit, Dein Geld vor der Inflation zu schützen?

Oder suchst Du einen Weg, der Dir durch echte Wertschaffung finanzielle Freiheit ermöglicht?

Baue Dir mit Unterstützung von Profis ein 2. Standbein auf. Es war noch nie so einfach!

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